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M.A.A.D. Music Production offers songwriting and music production services for artists and bands, as well as entertainment production companies looking for accompaniment tracks for their commercial endeavors.  Whether you are in need of music tracks for original or cover songs, whether you need a radio-ready demo or simply a guide track for your band to use to learn new material, we can help . We can also take your rough quality tracks and make them into master quality. Quality services at reasonable prices, we can customize a project to fit any budget.


Our team of composers can work with you to write an original song, with you determining the level of your involvement. We can work with a melody and/or lyrics you provide, or you can outsource all aspects of the project to us and we will compose a song on the topic of your choice. We can also help you modernize a recording you may have done years ago, or create a new spin on an old classic.


You may have written a song and have the melody and lyrics fully composed and recorded a capella.  M.A.A.D. Music Producers can develop a full arrangement for your melody, including bass, guitar, keyboards, drums and even background vocals so you can create a radio-ready mix or teach it to your band so that you can play it live!


M.A.A.D. Music specializes in full-scale production of your songs for your demo or independent CD.  We use state-of-the-art hardware and software to achieve the highest production quality, and can support live or MIDI instrumentation, or a combination of both.


Maybe you have a project you started and never quite finished. Maybe you want to take a music project to the next level. Maybe you are an up and coming producer yourself and you just need a little help getting your project across the finish line. Regardless, M.A.A.D. Music can help you feel confident the music you present sounds its very best.